About Us


2A Films is a repertory cinema programme dedicated to sharing lesser-known or lesser-seen films with audiences. Based between London and Edinburgh, it moves from venue to venue.

Our Mission

We show films that are hard-to-find or may have been overlooked for some reason, even by avid film lovers. Our selection includes films overshadowed by their director’s more famous works, unexpected genre pieces, unlikely collaborations, and themes explored before their time. We don’t accept the notion of guilty pleasures, nor are we in the business of canons or canonising. We just show films that we believe are interesting and genuinely worth your time, producing engaging and, above all, enjoyable events.

About Us

We are Billy Launder and Iris Veysey, two curators with a shared love of cinema. Our name is a nod to Billy Wilder’s The Apartment (1960). ‘2A’ is the number of Baxter’s apartment.

2A Films Limited is a private company registered in England and Wales.